By Aimin - November 20, 2017

 Hey people it's another day and I'm really excited to be alive. Thanks to God if not for him, we won't be having this discussion. My day is going pretty well thanks for asking, and I would love to know how yours is going too. 

   Speaking of which, I was with a friend earlier today, just hanging out when she started an argument.She made mention of the fact that you can't wear a jumpsuit to work or a formal occasion especially when you are a professional in your field.

   This is my take on it, but first of all for those of you who do not know what a jumpsuit really looks like, I'm sure you can cast your minds back to your infant days, when mummy dressed you up in those really clingy apparel that covered your whole body but your head. You  remember right? Yes...then I'm pretty sure you have an idea of what I'm talking about.Wait a mean you remember that??? Wow!! How is that even possible? Who are you? Am I safe right now?...All right I'm just kidding.

   Let me assist those still trying to picture what a jumpsuit looks like. You know oga Solo, the garage mechanic who comes to work on your Dad's car when it's faulty? Yes the one who wears the grease stained,dirty looking and most times Biro blue one piece apparel with a spanner in his hand, working under the car with his back to the ground? Yes, that is called a jumpsuit or should we say overall? Anyways you get the point, except that these days its a fashion trend that mostly refers to women's clothing. However it may be referred to as work clothes for men e.g astronauts.

  The jumpsuit vogue is fashionable, comfortable if worn correctly of course and may be said to be a confidence boost if properly styled, as they are versatile and could be dressed up or down by anyone no matter the shape or size of the person, the event or whatever.
   Now whether or not jumpsuits can or should be classified as a corporate attire, an apparel one could wear to a formal gathering is the bone of contention. 

let us examine  the following:

Mode Of Action of jumpsuits

   say jumpsuit and my mind immediately runs a 360 on all the places I could possibly wear one. To class, a wedding, a get together party, a formal gathering, and so on but then again it all depends on how I decide to wear it,  dress it up or down, my choice of accessories,  shoes or whatever I'm pairing it up with to accentuate and complement the outfit. Shikena!


  1. If the jumpsuit you ever pick out to wear is too tight, hmmm then antie be ready for some very embarrassing wardrobe experiences. like you are about to sit and the next thing you realize, your bottom ministry has come out to receive fresh air and has gotten more likes and hashtags on instagram than its owner.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  2.  Pant lines pant lines pant lines...very dangerous! Ladies, pleassssse choose the right panties for the jumpsuit fabric you are wearing. Sister, nobody is interested in the shape and size of  your panties, whether its elastic limit has reached breaking point or not, or how rusty and saggy it is. It's not flattering so please stop torturing people.                                                                                                                                                                            

Adverse effects 

  1. Ladies,you can't imagine what you make guys go through in their thoughts by just dressing inappropriately.Just take a look at the auntie it me, or is there really one black something exposed to the world? I thought it's called an underwear.For heaven's sake, lets have mercy on our future husbands.The power of womanhood given to us by God isn't  meant for preying on the weak point of men and causing commotion in their imaginations, it's just not fair. Let's channel our strengths to becoming better women and mothers to our children in future. Guys are you with me on this?                                                          
  2.  I hope you do realize that for every day you wear a revealing or see through or even tight jumpsuit, your bride price drops by a whooping 30%. I just said I should quickly let you know o before you start blaming the innocent witches in your village "when you dee nor see husband".


   Do not, I repeat do not wear a white or brightly colored jumpsuit when it's that time of the month to avoid stories that touch because I really hate to be the one to say I told you so. i've told you oooo.

  Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comment section below. Feel free to share with your friends and see if they agree or not.

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