By Aimin - December 18, 2017

      Hey people, it feels good to be here again you know...So today while I was busy with some vegetables in the kitchen I began to ask myself some questions like, what would the world look like if there were no flowers or greens? I just love the pop of colors when I look around and see those lovely colored plants. I don't know about you but it gives me a level of satisfaction.
      You may have noticed that I like to give a little history most times about the topic of my post and that's because I'm very interested in knowing the origin of things we incorporate into our daily lives. So, this post isn't any different.

From my little history research, I found out that in ancient Egypt, as early as 2500BCE  Egyptians decorated their war carts with flowers and also Egyptian women adorned their hair with flowers at festivals, the men did as well but only on special occasions.When I was reading this, the snapchat floral filter immediately came to mind and then I said to myself, what will we do without flowers....Lol. Everyone at one time or another can confess to being "ugwurised"(for my fellow Nigerians) or should we say "snapchatised"  no "floral filterised" what am I even saying?....Lol... you get the point anyway.

 @ Ncourage_photography shotit

So I decided to go with the trend this time except that mine are not filters they are actually real you know. Let me just confess now, those leaves were a bit itchy during the shoot. I heard that!! Who sent me right? Lol...

The use of flowers and floral items cannot be  overemphasized, I mean think about red roses which are a symbol of love, yellow roses that conveys a lack of trust, jealousy and malice message, bouquet for brides and even the wedding decor itself, not to mention florally scented handkerchiefs and tissues papers and lest I forget, floral prints.
  The floral print trend is definitely here to stay. They are colorful, beautiful and could be very feminine as well. Guys can also wear florals, but for them I think it should be subtlely done.  You could introduce a hint of floral accessories(caps, ties etc) if you are not very sure how to rock this trend
 but I think as a guy you  should stay away from the all over floral print look, I'm sure you don't want to come out looking like a "flower boy"
  Plainclothes sit very well with florals (white, black and other plain clothes). Make sure you master the tricks of mixing prints first before you think of trying to mix your florals prints with stripes and yes we know Isaiah 53:5 says by the STRIPES of Jesus we are healed and trust me it's very relieving to know this but I'm not sure what you would look like if you don't get the print mixing thing right Lol.

  Here are Phashionceutics favorite floralistas 

Would you adorn yourself with flowers for any reason, rock the floral print, or would you ever let go of snapchat filters? Let me know in the comment section of this post, and thanks for dropping by today,  I hope you visit some other time.
                                                  Enjoy the rest of your day.


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