By Aimin - December 30, 2017

       OMG! Pregnancy? You've got to be kidding me. You mean a baby is on the way? What do I do now? Oh! the baby bump it's getting bigger, it's getting really obvious, what do I do next? Am I too early? Should I get myself some new clothes to conceal it? Or should I just let everyone know? How about a baby shower? Do you think the stress of having one would be too much for me in this condition?
      Eureka! I know just the perfect thing to do! A pregnancy shoot! I won't be pregnant all my life so why don't I keep this memory, after all everyone is doing it so why not?
Children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. (Psalms 127:3(AMP)) ....but why? Why all these? Why the naked pregnancy trend? Is that the reason why God bless people with babies?
         HEY! I trust that your day has been going really well, thank God for that. Yes, guys this pregnancy thingy these days I really don't understand, I mean the naked pregnancy trend. I just need someone to sit me down ( in fact don't bother I'm sitting already)and explain to me why our women are going naked simply because they are pregnant.
 I get pregnant and the next thing I'm thinking is "what do I do next?" And all I can think of is a photo shoot?There's nothing wrong with a pregnancy shoot at all, I think they it's lovely. I really love to see beautiful pictures of pregnant women, but a naked photo shoot? Oh please!
I think it first started by simply showing off the bare baby bump and then gradually, it degenerated to exposing more private areas of the body.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The funny thing now is that even some husbands join naked wives to pose and smile for the cameras while holding on to the baby bump. I thought this was common just in the western world (not a justifiable reason anyway) until I started to see pictures of Africans in African nations as well. please, what's happening?
     It is true huby and wifey that this period for you has really been wonderful especially if it's your first baby. I can't say I know the feeling completely because I'm not married, so I've never been pregnant, but at least I know the feeling would be sort of new and different. Even if not all the nine months experience was actually fun, especially the labor aspect, you still want to look at pictures in years to come and have something to smile about. You want to smile about how being pregnant made you look so cute, how big your tummy was even if it was housing just one fetus, or how small it was but then you still had triplets or how chubby you were and all that stuff. While I think memory keeping is lovely, I also think putting on clothes is beautiful as well.
   I saw a pregnancy photo of a lady some time ago, her face looked so pretty with the makeup and all and then when I looked at the baby bump, I had to look at the face again and compare the skin tones just to make sure she really owned both because the face was way lighter due to the makeup. If she didn't expose the bump, who would even notice that?Why do we need to see your bare baby bump? Why do we need to know that you are naked even if you decide to cover up some part of your body with your hands, do some paintings and drawings or even use glitters to sort of conceal it. Still, we know you are naked, what is the motive behind that?
     This is my opinion, I feel like if you want to do a pregnancy shoot or show off your bump, there are ways to do it.  

 Then if you feel like exposing your bare belly and more( which I think is not necessary) to the cameras then feel free but just keep the pictures to yourself. It should be for your eyes and your husband's, it doesn't have to be all over the internet especially when it's over the top. We are happy that you are adding a new member to your family, we are so excited for you right now but the truth is, in the long run, it won't matter to us because we are not part of your family. We won't even remember, but it would always matter to you. So you see, if it's for memory sake why not just keep them to yourself?
It's less than 48hrs to the new year(2018) and soon we will all be saying happy new year so please let this naked pregnancy trend end in 2017. Lol, I can't believe I just incorporated the phrase “let it end in 2017". It really became a common phrase this December but on a serious note, let it really end!

     When I get married, I'm definitely gonna do a pregnancy shoot when I get pregnant and its going to be like the Stephanie Okereke Linus kinda thing, not exactly like hers though but you get the whole covered up idea. I really think it's cute.
What about you? Would you do a pregnancy shoot? As a husband, Would you agree to a naked pregnancy shoot of your wife? Let me know your views.
[Thanks for dropping by today]
[All photos are from instagram]
[Happy new year in advance, stay blessed and remember Jesus loves you]

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