By Aimin - December 23, 2017

   A symbol of toughness, coolness and even awesomeness no wonder we all love to have a piece or more of it. In Nigeria, the military camouflage is a two-piece sacred clothing of the same material
worn by soldiers and soldiers only.

          HEY GUYS, thanks for dropping by today…. I’m a very big lover of the military camouflage because there’s this feeling it gives when you are in it, it's so sad to know that I can’t  rock it as much as I would love to. The only time I get to wear it is when  I’m at home or within the four walls of the university I study at and even when I do, I still look around to make sure that  I’m  safe lol. 

  I’m sure I don’t have the strength for some frog jump routine,  oh please  I’m fit enough ! and by the way, when I burn the fat that I have what would be left of me, a bag of bones?  You know how skinny I look guys(I love it anyway). Have you ever seen Nigerian soldiers whip or punish civilians all because they were trying to look cool or tough by wearing the camouflage piece? It’s a terrible sight to behold.

 Today, I bring you some good news that you really should be excited about and the news is,  YOU CAN WEAR IT NOW! Yes, you don’t have to be scared anymore.  Wear that attitude of doggedness, boldness, courage, and determination like the military wears its camouflage.Soldier on guys even in the face of uncertainties!  I know a lot has happened  …you  may have had your heart broken in the past, didn’t  get your dream job or you keep trying and nothing ever works out for you. You know what? Even in the midst of all that, you need to soldier on, fight don’t give up on life so easily.
          I’ve learned in life that I’m my most valuable ally, just the same way you are your most valuable ally so stop looking to people to egg you on all the time, it won’t always have to learn to encourage yourself because no one will do it for you.You just have to help you….It is very important we have friends and family members we look to for support and assistance sometimes but I’m saying don’t expect a hundred percent from them all the time.

I know it’s in the human nature to expect so much from friends and family because they occupy a place in our hearts but the truth is, they are humans as well and they are bound to disappoint others and make mistakes too.  I know the hurt usually comes from the fact that you don’t know who else to look to for encouragement since even the ones  you thought were closest to you weren't  there when you needed them, but you need to remember that these people have their own problems as well so you see, you still need you to soldier on  through it all .
 In life, people will always get there, achieve or do things before you, it’s for good you know and it’s ok. I think God made it so, I mean if it wasn't so, who would be your mentor? Who would you look up to? Who would make the mistakes that you would learn from? We will all get there but maybe not at the same time. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life: and no man comes to the father(God) except through Him(Jesus) John 14:6. He is king of kings, lord of lords, highly exalted and at the mention of His name every knee must bow and every tongue shall confess that He is lord...but remember that before all that was possible, Jesus had to suffer, be nailed to the cross and even die at an early age. So the next time you are tempted to compare yourself to or wish you were someone else, just think about Jesus crucifixion.

      {  We both started to grow our natural hair on the same day, mine is stunted while hers is so grown now. you need to see how elegantly she styles it}--- A naturalista might  complain

     {     We both went for a job interview, I am better qualified than he is why did he get the job and  I did n’t? }---a  job seeker might complain

      These are the kind of questions we ask when we look at those around us, please don’t ever compare yourself to others. I just started blogging and the truth is, it's not as easy as I thought. you know we tend to look at others and admire them which I think is fine but it gets to a point where the comparison thing starts.The funny thing is sometimes even when we know that some persons started their journeys long before we dreamt of ours, we unconsciously tend to compare ourselves to them for whatever reasons(2cor 10:12). Trust me, comparing yourself to others is exhausting and if you are not careful, you would lose your self, your uniqueness and originality in the process and worst of all, you would get frustrated to the point where you just want to quit.
      Do your thing as God gives you grace because as our faces differ, so does our grace.(2 cor 3:5) we are to look to God for strength daily because we were not created to be self-sufficient and as He gives it to us, soldier on and keep going!

         Have you ever had a reason to compare yourself to others, depend too much on people, or even been in a situation where you almost gave up? soldier on! I think that's the best Christmas gift you can give yourself this year. 
 [wanna know who shotit?  @ Ncourage_photography did]
       * Let's do this again some other time*


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