By Aimin - December 02, 2017

      Hey people, It is true what they say you know we learn every day and the day we stop learning, we start dying. Did you know that only pants made from denim or no let's put it in the typical Nigerian way, Only  "trousers" made from denim are actually referred to as jeans? well, I didn't know until recently. kudos to you if you knew, you probably grew up in the white man's land. For those of you that are as amazed as I was, Please a minute silence let's wallow in our ignorance for the last time................................Okay fine, I would speak for myself next time.
Angela Esada and Tammy Ntaji rocking denim shirts(makeup by Beatsbyyukelle)
    Seriously, I find it really interesting that the actual name of something we all own by default is still being confused by some of us.
      I think the reasons we all love jeans is that apart from the fact that they are very fashionable and durable, they are comfortable as well. For ladies that always don't remember to close their legs when they sit, a pair of jeans is just perfect for you but please learn, it would save you a lot of embarrassment. Jeans also do not get dirty easily so for those that don't like washing, that's something to smile about or what do you think?
       Jeans were initially used as work clothes by miners of course for obvious reasons, although in those days they were designed to fit loosely.so the next time you go to get a pair of jeans or any garment made from denim, you might want to run a durability check on them just to be sure.This explains why I am happy you are reading this, at least now you won't go out and ask questions like what is the cost of a pair of jeans trousers? or can I get two jeans shirts? even though we know that traders in the market would help you buttress your point. Anyways that's because they are ignorant of this fact so now that you are aware, please don't join them.

        Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada resorted to the use of rivets in the pocket of jeans to make them stronger when he observed that clothes usually got ripped at the pocket of the pants. Yes, that brings me to the ripped jeans trend. It is quite interesting to know that same thing Jacob Davis consciously tried to prevent back in the day, is now being classified as present-day trend.

I'm not a total lover of the whole ripped jeans thing, but I am of the opinion that for whatever reasons you decide to rip your jeans or buy a ripped jeans, I believe you still can wear clothes and not pass for a person who has lost his sanity. I mean, some people walk around looking like they escaped from a zoo or something. I thought guys were more conservative dressers but they too are not left out when we talk about this trend.
     I think some jeans should be converted to shoe rag, but really that would just be mean. For heaven's sake, what have those shoes done to deserve such wickedness?   Now  I feel like, at some point in our lives we all just realize that some things are unnecessary not because someone said so but because we have the conviction.  Just like apostle Paul said in (1cor 6:12) all things are lawful but not all things are expedient. Coca cola may just become as bad for me as smoking for another, and as bad for that person as going to the pub. That's some food for thought.

so at this juncture ladies, I'm really sorry but I would have to leave this particular look of you girls in my jars for a while just so your eyes alone can see it and also to save the rest of the world.  
       I saw an old pair of Ankara trousers that belonged to my dad some months ago, I  liked the fabric so I decided to do something with it. The issue was just immediately above the knee, it was a bit worn out and torn. So I had to cut the Ankara trouser to knee length and made the ripped part look more presentable after which I wore it to Uniben's PANS Africana fashion show where a lot of persons liked it, although they had no idea it was my dad's. Now that the nosy ones have that information, let me clearly state that not all my Ankara shorts belong to my dad............or do they ??

        It is true that the denim trend would never go out of fashion, and in my personal opinion, there are no rules to fashion because whatever is not fashion today may be fashion tomorrow as soon as someone wears something nice.So have fun with your denim but whatever you do make sure you come out not only looking fashionable but right as well so I don't  have to lock you up in my jars.
Mercy Aigbe in denim pants
Gold Osemwegie in a denim on denim shirt and pants styled by herself
Hafymo in  denim jacket 

Now that we know this, it is important that we care for our denim properly. Oh yes that reminds me, the brother to a friend of mine once said and I quote "have those special jeans that you only wash once in a year, not like you wouldn't wear it when you have to but just once in a year is perfect, then the others you may wash them once in five months". All right then for those that buy that idea, just so you know a day is coming when you will be in public and your only option would be to start dancing so you can stylishly scratch. That sounds like more work to me so please just "wash it" so  you don't "scratch it"
        Thanks for reading, I hope you learned one or two things today let me know what your thoughts are about this post in the comment section.

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