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I think it’s safe to say they are the golden standard when you talk about women footwear. They accentuate the legs and make your whole outfit look great. They give you “false height” like a  guy may prefer to put it; when he’s  trying to say they add a few inches to a lady’s  height,  so I think it comes in quite handy for a lady whose center of gravity is low. This doesn’t mean anything though, the way you look isn’t a mistake, you were intentionally made and you should appreciate yourself just the way you are because baby, you are perfect!  that even the most important person ever(God ) when He was done creating you,  looked at you and said you are very good ( Gen 1:31) so why think or feel otherwise?
     Hi guys… So today we are talking about heels, I love heels and I think one of the most important things I love about them is the fact that they make  you look like a “baeby gurl” you know what I mean?!*winks* That girly, sophisticated, confident and glamorous look , that’s what wearing heels gives you. Ladies let me tell you there’s  no time, so you need to look like the  “baeby gurl” that you are, and the earlier the better!
 So my advice to you is this: kick those flats to a corner and let’s get some heels on *dancing emoji *

                    MODE OF ACTION
       Wearing heels is not compulsory, but if your aim is to achieve any of the things mentioned in the introductory part of this post then I think you need to get yourself a pair or more, just make sure those heels are affordable; if they are not, forget about them.  There are better days ahead when you would be able to afford better shoes so relax. Some ladies don’t like heels because they think heels are pretty much of a big deal especially when you are going for a simple and really laid back look. Well, I don’t quite agree… I feel it all depends on how you style the whole outfit.

     From the boardroom to the red carpet or even to a casual outing, high heels have really been proven to be one of the essentials of a woman’s shoe collection. They are very stylish but ensure you choose the right pair for your outfit.  You may not feel comfortable in some heels like stilettos and pumps so you may want to try more comfortable shoes like platforms, wedge and blocked heels.

       Is it just you, or can wearing heels really be a lot sometimes?  Now it is important for us to know that while heels could add to the beauty of your outfit, it could also cause a lot of discomforts and its not just you, its all of us.  You know what they say, no pain no gain.
Take for instance you don’t own a car(don’t worry it will happen soon and when the time is right) and any time you alight from a bus or taxi as the case may be,  you have to walk quite a distance to work or wherever, that alone is enough to make wearing your favorite shoes more of a threat than an everyday occurrence.
   I remember a particular Sunday after church when I had to walk home, I had my flats in my bag but for some reasons that are not good enough, I decided to leave them there. I left them in my bag because I enjoyed the feeling of how other pedestrians would pass and give me compliments; admire how effortlessly  I moved around with them and also because they complimented my outfit. Even when my feet were on fire, I didn’t care much *disappointed face* but the next day,  getting up from bed and moving around became an issue. My thighs, back and in fact, my whole body kept screaming pain. The funny thing about that experience is that I didn’t realize why I had body aches until about three days later when it all came back to me. Boy! And guys don’t even know what we go through,  all they see is a gorgeously dressed lady with nice shoes to complete the look. We the ladies, on the other hand, would stop at nothing most times just to look that way or impress.
    Dress for yourself, dress because you see the need to and never because you want to impress someone because, at the end of the day the feet of those you’re trying to impress won’t hurt, their thighs won’t either, they won’t feel uncomfortable, but you know who would?  Take a pair of flats in your bag or purse it won’t hurt; when you are on your way to “wherever”put on those flats when you get to your destination put on your heels and take them off afterward. Afterall, you decided to wear those heels because of the occasion right?  So after the occasion take them off! I don’t see a gun placed to your head, Why walk a long distance in them? Why punish yourself for nothing? Only ladies who are mobile are permitted to leave their houses without flats in their bag because they could easily just get in their cars after the occasion, take off the shoes and stretch their legs. Come to think of it, what if the car breaks down? what if…just what if? So you see, every lady actually needs a pair of flats in her bag when she decides to wear heels.
    When standing or walking, wearing heels causes your pelvis and chest to push forward hence transferring pressure to your lower back and this causes back pain especially when you put them on for an extended period of time. The gastrocnemius muscle also suffers when you wear heels on a regular basis. I’m sure some of us would have noticed how distended the calf of some ladies legs are, what some folks in Nigeria refer to as “yam leg” yeah it’s a real thing guys. Wearing heels could cause that so you may want to reduce how often you wear them and if you must, then you have to look for ways to prevent the side effects.
    Are you scared of falling and spraining your ankles when you wear heels? Do you hate the embarrassment that comes with the involuntary and occasional bending of the ankle when you walk in them? Then you may want to think it over once again.

          Heels are very versatile and could be paired with almost every apparel, but don’t wear shoes that don’t give as much balance, or those that push your weight all the way down to your heels, or those with unnatural shapes like pointy toe shoes.
       Do not think much about them if your budget or bank account isn’t fat enough to accommodate them because I consider heels to be
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one item that could dwindle one's account, especially when you’re trying to grow your collection of them. A pair of flats may go for about N3000 whereas just a pair of heels would go for nothing less than N6500 in Nigerian currency.
Don’t wear those high heels just because you want to impress someone because you may be sorry for yourself afterward. Don’t wear them if you don’t like them; don’t wear them just because someone said they look nice, whereas you don’t feel comfortable enough.
Don’t wear them out if you don’t know how to walk in them. If you do, then its purpose would be defeated. There’s nothing beautiful about walking like a newborn calf in heels; practice well at home for a while and when you think you’re perfect enough then you may try wearing them out. *winks
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