By Aimin - March 11, 2018

           Hi guys, how are we doing? Its been a while….. I know right. I think I should write a post titled “consistency” or what do you think? *thinking face*  blogging has been an issue for me lately, I mean the whole consistency thing is pretty much of a big deal; well, that’s a post for another day. I've missed you guys a lot, anyway, i'm back now so I'm just going to quickly keep you updated on a couple of things I've been up to as it pertains to fashion.This post is sort of late though, its all part of the consistency thing I was trying to communicate earlier. 
     Towards the end of February, I attended the most talked about evol fashion show, that held at the University of Benin campus.Prior to the event, I had issues deciding what to wear or should I say making up my mind on whether I wanted a laid-back look, or a formal but at the same time laid-back look. I brought out all my blazers and different things I wanted to pair them up with. You know that moment when you have clothes in your wardrobe, on your bed and all over your room, but still, you don’t have any clothes to wear for that occasion? This was that moment, It was kinda dicey and I just kept saying  I don’t have anything to wear for the show. My bunkmate kept watching and then she finally said to me
                                 ** *flashback to the morning of Evol fashion show***
Comfort: Bunky, all these clothes on your bed and you still don’t have anything to wear? *laughs*

 AIMIN:  Comfort what do you think? Should I wear these mum jeans and pair them up with my yellow vintage blazer, are these shorts paired with a white camisole and a rolled up vintage sleeved shirt better?

Comfort: I think the latter is better. Glory what do you think?

GLORY:  Aimin the slayer! The shorts are nice please wear it. Oh my gosh! Tell me you are pairing this outfit with those polka-dot shoes…. Wow it goes! I like the combo. The mom jean combo is nice too but we’ve seen you in them before so I suggest you switch things up this time. it’s the short all the way girl.
            And that was how my roommates saved the day. *smiling face*
After all of these, I realized that the pair of mom jeans I had in mind to wear is trending right now and a lot of girls would be eager to rock it to the show (guess what? I was right). This consolidated the reason why I decided to go with the choice of my roommates because; I really love to stand from the crowd I just don’t like to be that regular girl. Do you?
     Evol fashion show featured lots of amazing designers and models. I particularly loved the ward coat design that opened the show, and I think it should be incorporated by healthcare personnel. Berets and shorts stole the runway, I think virtually all the designers had one or more models in berets and/or shorts; if you love to follow trends, then this is for you. The show was fun and I felt like stealing every outfit showcased but because I fear God, I decided to take a chill pill. I'm looking forward to evol fashion show 7.0 what about you? 


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