By Aimin - April 02, 2018

       Hey Guys, how did the Easter celebration go at your end? Mine was boring though but that's by the way, let's get down to business! Many people shy away from experimenting and trying out new, unusual stuff like a 'weird' hair color or hairdo, shoe color or type, outfit and even makeup! Well here I am; a girl who loves to experiment and do things that are out of the norm.
 I remember when I first told my friends that I wanted to wear my hair in blue, they were like...Aimin we know you can do it, but please don't. Would you even be allowed to wear such hair color in pharmacy school? they kept asking. Trust me I had the usual jitters about this hair color but still, I wanted to try it out; and we are!
   Well, while I'm having fun wearing my hair in blue faux locs, I must confess there are some annoying things associated with it...OMG! people just keep touching it; wow your hair is nice, is this Brazilian wool? how many rolls did you use? and before you can say Jack Robbinson someone has touched it and that's quite difficult to control. Everyone keeps telling me how brave and courageous they think I am; I was enjoying it at first but I think I'm beginning to get bored of it.
           There has been a lot of comments so far and while some persons love it and would love to try it out, others love it but don't think they would be able to pull off the look for obvious reasons of course. I love the fact that even with the length of mine, I can walk around and not feel like I'm carrying a trailer of goods on my head. I think I made a good choice by deciding to go for Brazilian wool as the weight is just perfect for me. I also love the fact that it could be styled in different ways.

  Phew! Another challenge I'm faced with right now is wearing clothes. My hair and my clothes just keep clashing and sometimes I can't help but ask myself, Aimin who asked you to make blue hair? Sometimes after I've tried on a number of outfits, I just end up wearing all black everything. So my dear friends, if you ever want to try something different with your hair, put into consideration your makeup, clothes and also be ready to have some random persons just touch your hair. Anyway, its been fun rocking my blue faux locs but please guys, remind me the next time I tell you I want to wear my hair in an unusual color.
      I'm curious, so I'm going to ask...would you ever try something unusual with your hair? let me know in the comment section.
Thanks for stopping by today, do enjoy the rest of your day.
                               makeup credit goes to Ojies classic 

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